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Nudura™ Forms are based on simple interlocking, stacking, "blocks" or Form Units of flame-retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels connected by molded-in high density polyethylene structural foam bridging. They are lightweight, easy to cut with a hand-saw. Filled with concrete they create a monolithic wall with an insulation value of R25 and a three-hour fire rating.

Reinforcements may by placed where needed to satisfy strength requirements for above or below grade load bearing walls, beams, lintels, and shear walls.

The standard form units have external dimensions of 96" in length and 18" in height with an overall wall thickness of (11-1/2") which in turn encloses a (6-1/4") thick concrete wall. Both sides of the unit are of equal thickness, (2-5/8").

The polystyrene side panels have a preformed interlocking mechanism along their top and bottom edges to facilitate stacking, providing a solid friction. between courses and preventing leakage of freshly placed concrete.

The Nudura™ System is proven technology. Similar units have been used successfully in thousands of projects throughout Europe for more than 30 years.

Nudura™ has the largest form unit in the industry which will reduce labour cost by 50% or more.

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Nudura™ Form Units are designed for above and below grade installations in detached, semi-detached or row housing units, including multi-storey buildings (subject to engineering limitations). Nudura™ Form Units can also be used for other building types such as industrial malls, commercial and institutional buildings. Nudura™ walls can be finished with stucco, similar exterior coatings, or siding. Special units are available for masonry in above grade construction.

Nudura™ walls are also excellent when used for swimming pool walls - the insulation prevents heat loss.

Nudura™ provides the least expensive method for constructing an R-2000 house (R 25).

Nudura™ walls have a 3-hour fire rating when filled with concrete.

Nudura™ Building System takes less than half the time of conventional construction.

The completed wall already incorporates and is ready to finish on the interior and exterior. Electrical outlets in exterior walls will not cause air infiltration. Uniform interior temperature means greater comfort and energy savings.

The high mass of Nudura™ walls minimizes sound transmission. The STC rating is impressive 50.

No chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's or HCFC's) are used or produced in manufacturing.

Nudura™ Form Units provide a moist cure which slows dehydration, creating a significantly stronger concrete wall.


Accessory units provide for angled corners, corbelling, lintels, etc.

Nudura's™ patented, structural plastic webs embedded in the form provide full height, visible, fastening strips on both interior and exterior faces, perfect for attaching drywall, paneling or siding using screws or nails.

Patented bracing/scaffolding guarantees perfectly aligned and plumb wall construction and provides a convenient elevated working surface.

Nudura™ Form Units can be cut with a saw in seconds to suit plan dimensions.

Should reinforcements (rebar) be required, it is installed in the special indentations in the plastic web. Lintels can be conventionally reinforced.

Codes, Standards and Testing

Test results and design analysis show that Nudura™ provide the level of performance complying with the National Building Code, Part 4 and Part 9. (Full technical data available upon request). NRC File # 9420/03131.

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