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Maxx Wall Systems

Are you ready to make the move to a new home that is:

  • 2 x more energy efficient than a conventional wood-framed home
  • 9 x stronger than a conventional wood-framed home
  • 3 x more sound resistant than a wood-framed wall
  • 4 x more fire resistant than a wood-framed wall

At Donkers Harris Ltd. and its insulated concrete homes division, Maxx Wall Systems, we use Nudura™ insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and the new-generation integrated building technology that is vastly superior to traditional wood framing methods.

Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent years, with home owners looking for newer, more efficient ways to build homes that are stronger, more comfortable and energy efficient, while allowing for flexibility of design and lower future maintenance costs.

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Maxx Wall

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